We all know that we have to live more sustainably. There is work to be done, both for citizens, politicians and companies. But what measures really help? We believe that all good decisions begin with careful and reliable measurements. With SmartTrackers we are happy to contribute to this.


foto Leo Smit

Leo Smit

Founder and director
foto mariska roersen

Mariska Roersen

Chief Commercial Officer

Development Team

foto Margot Sauter

Margot Sauter

Team lead
foto Arjan Diepenbroek

Arjan Diepenbroek

Tech lead
foto Kevin Reintjes

Kevin Reintjes

Tech lead
foto Maria Araujo

Maria Araujo

profielfoto Wouter Smeenk

Wouter Smeenk

foto Peter van der Veeken

Peter van der Veeken

Gábor Banyai

Marketing & Communication

foto Pauline Kimm

Paulien Kimm

Commercial advisor sustainability

Jesse Bruns profielfoto

Jesse Bruns

Helpdesk & Support

foto Valentijn Weinans

Valentijn Weinans

foto Erik Verhoef

Erik Verhoef