Corporate structure

  • Design a flexible and layered corporate structure
  • Move units around within the corporate structure
  • Recalculate automatically per business unit, without loss of information
  • Adjust the measuring period flexibly
  • Allocate permissions per business unit

Performance measurement

  • Set up multiple methods, norms and/or themes
  • Choose from predefined meters and indicators
  • Choose measurement intervals per norm or theme
  • Easily add supporting documents or labels

Assessments standard requirements

  • Every standard requirement is included
  • Easily create assessment overviews
  • Easily add supporting documents or labels
  • Converse with auditor
  • Add deviations and corrective measures

Sustainable supply management

  • Investigate sustainability throughout the chain
  • Rate each question
  • Publish results on dashboard
  • Easily compare suppliers

Document management

  • Upload documents and links from every location
  • Clear overview of all related documents and links
  • Filter, search and select

Improvement program

  • Add measures, actions and initiatives
  • Plan improvements
  • Create targets on every level
  • View all achievements in clear charts

Charts and reports

  • Create analytical charts on every level, with different cross sections
  • Create flexible reports (standard report option included)
  • Create your own measurement indicators
  • Use your own indicators in calculations and view them in analytical charts
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