Our vision

Without a powerful control system, responsible entrepreneurship is only a pipe dream

If you don’t know where you stand, you can’t possibly know if the implemented measures are effective. To gain insight, you need powerful software. Software that offers a framework; that activates your organization from the inside; and that allows you to outsource expertise more efficiently.

Do the sensible thing, don’t follow the herd

SmartTrackers offers a fresh, level-headed and realistic view on energy usage and CO2. We don’t get caught up in hypes, sophisms and utopian assumptions. We believe that decisions regarding CO2 should always be made based on scientific truths. We look pragmatically at the challenges we face as a country. (And feel those challenges can be met just fine, so long as we dare to commit.)

Don’t do it yourself when software does it better

SmartTrackers was developed with the intention to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs. This has always been our main motivation. Every process we can automate, we will automate. Since 2010 we have been working daily to make our application better, faster and more user friendly. All our joint efforts – and all developed features – are directed to that one and single aim.