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The best and most complete application for all your sustainability, safety and CO2 measurements and assessments

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Knowing your way around

See exactly what you need to do to comply with ISO 14001, Global Reporting Initiative and many other standards. Read more

Easy data collection

Reduce your dependence on third parties and collect all data you need effectively and in a streamlined way. Read more

No stress during audits

Build up a rock-solid case and thus reduce the risk of critical comments from auditors. Read more

Full support

Not sure where to start? Or does a standard raise questions? We ensure that you can always finish the job. Read more

Great time saving

Stop making complex spreadsheets, let our app do the math for you and avoid misunderstandings and calculation errors. Read more


Get two tools for the price of one and enjoy the many benefits that SmartTrackers offers for as little as € 1,485 per year. Read more